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Design Artist Shawn Soh
Tel: 0082 1043052117
102 Grandvill castle 190-3 DogokDong Kangnamgu Seoul South Korea UNITED KINGDOM
South Korea


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Product Name:

Relation "Sheep"


The Relations "Sheep" stool is made of 100% wood and wool, and with enough room for two people, two can have a face-to-face conversation on the soft sheep wool. Made for comfort, the two on the Sheep stool will notice how naturally and easily their kinship grows.

Product Name:

Tree Bookshelf 2010


No your typical four-sided bookshelf, the Tree Bookshelf is an “art furniture” where you are able to freely place books on top of tree branches. Even the simplest action of placing and organizing your books on the Tree Bookshelf turns those books into petals and flora, adding to the space’s aesthetics.


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